Crown & tiara wedding cakes

Crown wedding cakes are still a big trend. Crown cake toppers make your wedding cake creation look stylishly regal. You can purchase a gorgeous crown wedding cake topper on websites like Etsy or ask your dessert designer to create a fondant or chocolate one. At CupCakery we create beautiful crown wedding cakes that taste deliciously homemade.

crown birthday cake ideas
crown wedding cake topper
crown wedding cake

Your crown or tiara wedding cake can flaunt other decoration ideas and designs. Here are some of them:

  • ruffles and swirls
  • metallic ornaments
  • beautiful lace
  • quilting
  • edible diamonds and rhinestones
  • profiteroles
  • magic wand
  • cameo designs etc.

The crown on your wedding cake will look fabulous on its own. But your designer could also decorate it with flowers and beads. Whatever idea you come up with, a crown topper is guaranteed to turn an ordinary cake into a royalty inspired sweet wedding masterpiece. Contact us now to crown your wedding confection with a terrific tiara topper.

Princess crown birthday cakes: design ideas and pictures

Are you looking for cute gift ideas for your little sister or daughter? We create adorable and really delicious princess crown cakes with edible beads, magic wands and pink fondant bows. Our cake masters choose only natural ingredients and components when crafting desserts.

You’re free to ask us to make a crown cake with your favorite flavor. Some of our most popular desserts:

Whether you want your princess birthday cake topped with a crown or prefer to go the less glamorous route, we here at CupCakery are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We’re always up for challenges and invariably happy when you bring in your unique ideas and sketches.

Tiara cupcake toppers, crown shaped cookies

Aside from crown shaped and crown topped cakes, we also create:

  • crown shaped cookies
  • cupcakes with tiara toppers
  • macarons adorned with crowns
  • and even crown cake pops

Have you chosen your favorite crown cake design? Looking for tiara topped cupcakes or crown shaped cookies for your friend’s birthday? Just want to ask us some questions about our cakes or delivery details? Don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re always happy to hear from you!