Orange wedding cakes: design ideas and decoration

Orange is a great choice for a brightly colored wedding dessert table. It looks especially fantastic on summer wedding cakes. Planning to order a vibrant orange wedding cake? At CupCakery we will create a gorgeous and delicious orange dessert for your wedding reception. Get all inspired by the orange cake collection in our portfolio and contact us to order your custom wedding cake with orange accents.

Orange is such a lovely color to adorn with because it can go in multiple directions from trendy coral and apricot hues to citrusy clementine and all the way to juicy and whimsical neon orange. Orange pairs gorgeously well with many other colors. Our cake decorators know that. They create amazing color combinations within orange wedding cake designs.

Here are some of the most in-demand combos:

  • orange and blue wedding cakes
  • orange and pink wedding cakes
  • orange and purple wedding cakes
  • orange and turquoise wedding cakes
  • orange and white wedding cakes
  • orange and brown wedding cakes
  • orange and red wedding cakes
  • orange and yellow wedding cakes
  • orange and green wedding cakes
  • orange and gold wedding cakes

If you want a modern wedding cake with orange icing, we will happily add some contemporary elements to your dessert’s exterior. Silver accents, orange-hued ruffles, chic art deco details, edible pearls, fondant succulents… Just contact us to discuss your design ideas, and we’ll transform your vision of a perfect orange wedding cake into delicious reality.

Orange birthday cakes, orange cupcakes, cake pops & cookies

We make birthday cakes in New York. But not just ordinary birthday cakes. The cakes we make are gorgeous, delectable and reasonably priced. Need an orange birthday cake for your themed sweet buffet? Find the perfect orange cake design for you in our stylish cake selection. We offer our customers a fantastic service and do our best to exceed their highest expectations.

Aside from orange cakes for all occasions, CupCakery offers:

  • orange cupcakes with edible pearls
  • orange cookies with monograms
  • orange cake pops with butterflies
  • orange macarons with Halloween décor
  • and many other orange treats

We make delicious orange and almond cakes, flourless orange cakes, orange roll cakes, cranberry-orange upside down cakes, orange cakes topped with chocolate sauce, carrot cakes with orange cream cheese frosting… At CupCakery you’re free to choose your favorite taste within a wonderful range of exciting cake flavors and recipes. If you want, we will adapt any recipe to match your preferences.

Orange cakes and macarons

Here are some design ideas for your orange cakes:

Your kids will love our orange-colored desserts topped with figurines of Garfield and Nemo, fondant witch hats, sweet furry monsters and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. Just choose your favorite decoration idea, and we’ll do the rest. Your orange-hued dessert buffet will look gorgeous if you order it at CupCakery. We bake delicious cakes and pastries made using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients.