Order best muffins online in New York

Making homemade gorgeously decorated and individually packaged muffins is one of our specialties. At CupCakery you are free to order some of the best muffins in New York for your special occasion. Loaded with the best ingredients and components, our muffins are moist, crumbly and flavorful.

At CupCakery you can order muffins online with your favorite flavor. Here are some of our special goodies:

  • yogurt muffins
  • chocolate muffins
  • blueberry muffins
  • banana muffins
  • strawberry muffins

You will love our extraordinarily large muffins – individually packaged and custom decorated by hand to match your requirements. Send them as gifts to your loved ones with a personal love-you or thank-you message. We also make mini muffins that are always freshly baked and irresistibly delicious.

Wedding, birthday muffin delivery in NYC

Need a special and inexpensive birthday gift? Send our best gourmet muffins for your friend’s birthday, it’s such a great way to express your appreciation! We offer our customers a heavenly assortment of muffin creations to choose their favorite options from. We make beautiful wedding muffins for your themed receptions.

Aside from wedding receptions and birthday parties, our custom-decorated muffins are great for:

  • kids parties
  • graduations
  • corporate anniversaries
  • Valentines
  • Christmas get-togethers etc.

Where to buy healthy muffins in bulk?

A lot of our loyal customers have dietary restrictions. We offer them our healthy and allergy-friendly:

  • vegan muffins
  • sugar free muffins
  • gluten free muffins
  • and other special diet muffins

Looking to buy muffins wholesale? Call us now to discuss the price and further details. We can deliver our muffins right to your door. Yummy and stress-free. Buy online now!