Order key lime pies online with delivery in NYC

Baking and decorating pies is not easy. That’s why if you’re not a professional pastry chef, ordering pies is a much more reasonable option. Here at CupCakery we bake and decorate pies of various types. You can buy key lime pies online at our website whenever you like. We will satisfy your key lime pie craving by delivering absolute yummies right to your doorstep.

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Our customers adore our key lime recipe variations. Here are their top favorites:

  • classic key lime pie
  • key lime pie with meringue topping
  • coconut-tequila key lime pie
  • Pina Colada key lime pie
  • key lime Margarita pie
  • mango key-lime pie
  • sugar-free key lime pie

We make traditional key lime pies as well as other adventurous (and often unique) taste combinations. Our gourmet pies are loaded with top quality ingredients. We offer special diet pie options such as sugar free pies, vegan pies and gluten-free pies. Send a delicious personalized key lime pie with a warm message to someone you love. It’s going to make their day for sure!

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Why send flowers when you can send someone a slice of summer! That’s exactly what our returning customers say when ordering key lime pies for their loved ones at our bakery! We make some of the best key lime pies on a stick along with traditional key lime pies for any occasion.

Here are some of the most popular orders at our dessert studio:

Have you ever tried frozen key lime pies on a stick, dipped in chocolate? They are amazing! And you can order them at CupCakery, too! Hand-crafted from the finest products, this deliciously moist, sweet indulgence will totally drive you crazy. Topped with our signature key lime cream cheese frosting, our key lime pies will make you crave for more… Order key lime pie delivery in New York today!