Buy Piñata cakes & order delivery!

You’ve most likely seen online these stunning cake creations with a sweet surprise inside. They’re fun and colorful. At CupCakery we make Piñata cakes for sale with many different decoration ideas and flavors. Pinata cake makes fantastic centerpiece for any occasion: birthday party, wedding reception, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Christmas celebration etc.

We make Piñata cakes with many various designs and decoration ideas. Below you can find our clients’ top favorite designs:

  • chocolate Piñata Cake
  • rainbow Piñata Cake
  • ombre Piñata Cake
  • giant cupcake Piñata Cake
  • and many other Piñata Cake design ideas

Surprise Pinata cupcakes, pops and cookies

Aside from Piñata cakes, at CupCakery you can also order online:

  • fabulous pinata cupcakes
  • sombrero piñata cookies
  • surprise piñata pops and even custom macarons!

Imagine how exciting it will be for your kid to cut into a cake filled with goodies! We love making Piñata cakes for kids’ parties. Seeing your children happy makes us happy too! Make sure you order Piñata cake delivery if necessary.  If not, just let us know in advance that you will pick up your cake from our bakery in New York.