Order cakes and cupcakes with edible images on them in New York

Imagine your loved one’s face as the icing on the birthday cake. Fantastic, isn’t it? Cakes with edible pictures are all the rage nowadays. Our customers often order cakes with edible images as presents for their family, friends and colleagues. Just send us your favorite picture and we’ll print it with edible ink onto royal icing. Beautiful and very delicious!

We create various types of cakes and cupcakes with edible pictures such as:

  • portrait cakes and cupcakes
  • company logo cakes and cupcakes
  • themed edible picture cakes and cupcakes

Some people call them portrait cakes or printed frosting, cupcake stickers, or cookie labels… There are so many names for edible printing. The mission of our Team is to transfer your vision into beautiful and unique photo cake creations. Our HD edible picture toppers look fantastic! They are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

Buy portrait cakes, macarons and cookies with edible photos

Cakes and cupcakes with edible photos are a great way to personalize your desserts making the birthday person feel very special and appreciated. They make great and inexpensive gift ideas! Edible pictures can decorate cakes, cupcakes and even cookies. Desserts with edible prints on them are great for themed birthday parties, baby showers and various corporate party dessert tables.

Your cake with edible image can be additionally decorated with:

  • sprinkles and flowers
  • buttercream swirls and rosettes
  • edible beads and rhinestones
  • ruffles and swirls

We have all the necessary equipment and professional skills to make a great edible photo cake for your celebration! We offer our customers a full range of flavors, designs and customization options. So just contact CupCakery now to buy your custom portrait cakes or cupcakes and other desserts with edible images at our pastry shop. We provide cake delivery in New York along with packaging.