Silver wedding cakes

There’s definitely something classy and stylish about a silver wedding cake. Incorporating silver flowers, brooches, edible leaves, and even completely silver-covered tiers into a cake design is very easy. Simply because silver looks great in combination with almost any color.

silver cake pops
silver cupcake wrappers
pictures of silver cakes

Silver wedding cakes can additionally feature many other colors. For example, we’ve already created:

  • white and silver wedding cakes
  • red and silver wedding cakes
  • purple and silver wedding cakes
  • pink and silver wedding cakes
  • blue and silver wedding cakes
  • black and silver wedding cakes
  • and other great combinations
silver cake decorations
silver cake designs
silver birthday cakes

All of these color combinations look really great, you can see some of them in our wedding cake gallery. A hint of silver can be just as impressive as full color. Just trust our professional cake designers and be sure that we will create the most beautiful silver wedding cake for your big day.

Silver birthday cakes: decoration ideas & pictures of designs

Silver accents instantly elevate your treat to extra special status which makes them perfect for any celebration. Hand-crafted sugar flowers can be painted in edible silver or just edged around the petals for more subtle glittery look. Gold accents warm up your cake design, while a silver touch cools it down.

black and silver wedding cakes
pink and silver wedding cakes
red and silver wedding cakes

Your silver birthday cake can feature the following decoration elements and techniques:

  • elegant piping
  • watercolor tiers
  • sugar jewels
  • edible pearls
  • delicate lace
  • ombre effect
  • sequins and diamonds
  • silver cake toppers
silver wedding cake toppers
white and silver wedding cakes
blue and silver wedding cakes

A lot of modern brides lust after dazzling chrome and silver when it comes to their wedding decorations. By ordering your silver wedding or birthday cake at our studio, you can be sure that your sweet treat will be dressed as decadently as you want. We create cakes that look and taste exclusively good!

Silver cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, macarons

Aside from silver cakes, CupCakery offers:

  • elegant silver cake pops
  • stylish silver cupcakes
  • macaroons with silver accents
  • iced cookies with silver decoration elements
purple and silver wedding cakes
silver cakes in new york
silver wedding cakes

Contact us now to order your uniquely decorated silver cake or to set an appointment with our pastry chef. Make the most delicious decision ever!