Buy almond cakes online

Planning a huge party and want to please the crowd with some yummy treats? You can’t go wrong with almond cakes and almond-flavored desserts from CupCakery. Birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries, graduations, kids’ parties… Here you can order almond cakes online for each of life’s special events. We provide delivery in NYC along with multiple special diet cake options.

Some of our most frequent almond cake requests are:

  • lemon almond yogurt cake
  • rhubarb ricotta almond cake
  • caramel almond cake
  • chocolate almond cake
  • plum almond cake
  • almond cake with fresh berries
  • almond & coconut cake
  • almond fig cake
  • almond sponge cake
  • almond cake with strawberry

Each of our hand-sculpted cakes can be customized to showcase your theme or individual preferences. The lovely baked goodies we offer are always fresh and delicious. And the prices are affordable! If you’d like to book an appointment for a burnt almond cake tasting, please get in touch with one of our managers now! Once you savor our almond cakes, they’re going to become your new favorites!

Almond cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and macarons for sale

At CupCakery we share a love of cooking, baking, designing and decorating desserts. Aside from heavenly delicious almond cakes, we also make almond cupcakes based on multiple – totally irresistible! – recipes. Cupcakes are New York’s most favorite pastry. If you love them just like we do, order custom cupcakes with almond filling or frosting at our bakery and enjoy!

Along with gorgeous almond birthday cakes, almond cupcakes, tarts, brownies and pies, at CupCakery you can also buy online:

  • delightful almond cupcakes
  • yummy almond cake pops
  • Italian almond cookies (amaretti)
  • and even subtly sweet almond macarons with almond buttercream

Planning a beautiful and romantic wedding reception? Order a novelty wedding cake along with vanilla almond cupcakes at our pastry studio. Tender and moist, topped with creamy vanilla almond frosting, your desserts will stun your guests by their flawless look and unparalleled taste. Your almond-flavored treats from CupCakery will definitely be gone by the end of the party!