Eiffel tower wedding cakes: ideas & designs

Every bride dreams of a wedding or a honeymoon in Paris. If you want to add that special ooh-la-la touch to your wedding reception but tight on the budget, let your event planner do the trick for you at home. And order that special Parisian themed cake for your reception of course! At CupCakery we create amazing Eiffel tower cakes.

eiffel tower cakes
eiffel tower cake toppers
eiffel tower cake decorations

Your Eiffel tower French themed cake can match:

  • your wedding invitations
  • your wedding dress
  • and even your wedding hair accessories…

Our happy customers point out our thorough attention to detail, our unparalleled commitment and our uniquely artistic professional skills. We create Eiffel tower cakes in various sizes, designs and flavors to meet your needs. Huge and small, modern and vintage style, ruffled and quilled… New York loves our cakes and other creative baked goods!

Eiffel tower birthday cakes and more…

Looking for a gorgeous Eiffel tower birthday cake with delivery to almost any area in New York City? Look at the magnifique designs and images in our cake gallery and choose your perfect cake match!

Aside from Eiffel tower cakes, at CupCakery we create:

  • Eiffel tower custom cupcakes: with edible pictures, chocolate toppers and buttercream swirls
  • Eiffel tower cake pops: pale pink, black and white etc.
  • Eiffel tower shaped cookies: super creative!
  • lovely Eiffel tower macaroon cakes

Chocolate Eiffel tower cake toppers

Your sculpted cake can be crafted from white chocolate with strawberry mousse filling inside… Or Eiffel tower can be hand painted on your cake using gel food colors…

Eiffel tower cakes can be created using the following decorations and techniques:

  • damask patterns
  • bows and rosettes
  • watercolor and airbrush
  • sugar hearts and macarons

Eiffel tower is a fabulous French icon that serves as an exclusive decoration element for unique wedding cakes and stylish birthday desserts. You can order a sculpted Eiffel tower shaped cake or a cake with a chocolate Eiffel tower topper for an elegant spice-up.