Macaron cake towers in New York

Macarons have always been associated with style, glamour and perfection. Macaroon tower cake makes a chic alternative to a classic multi-layer wedding dessert. Your sophisticated macaron cake tower will add the finest of French flair to your big day and utterly wow your guests.

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You can order macarons and macaron cake towers at our New York based dessert studio. We incorporate macaroons into the following design ideas:

macaron tower cake
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Although one-tiered rustic wedding cakes are popular nowadays, getting a wedding macaroon tower cake will let you have a wedding dessert with height and drama. Macaroon tower cakes are a perfect option for luxury weddings. Make sure you choose colors for your cake that match your reception theme.

French macaroon wedding cake tower

Planning a rustic wedding? Opt for brown, caramel and ivory macaroons for your cake. Anticipating a beach themed reception? Turquoise and white macaroons are perfect. Choose metallic accents for your wedding macaroon tower if you’re planning a glamorous reception. Also, did you know that macarons are naturally gluten-free? They’re perfect for anyone with gluten allergy!

macaroon cake
macaron wedding cake
French macaron wedding cake design ideas

You’re free to choose one of your favorite fillings among the following:

  • baileys and caramel
  • soft toffee
  • pistachio
  • coffee
  • white chocolate
  • raspberry and others

Your macaroon tower cake can be from just a few layers high to up to ten layers. Macaron towers can be placed in a cake base designed to match your specifications or they can be displayed on cake stands for a more personalized feel. You will love a macaron wedding tower beautifully decorated with flowers to match your wedding bouquet.

Birthday macaron cake: design ideas & pictures

We’re sure you’ve tasted macaroons and know that they have a smooth crunchy top, are garnished in the middle and have a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Macarons will make your birthday dessert table look gorgeously stylish. We offer a wide range of macaroon color combinations to match your party color scheme.

macaroon cake pictures
wedding macaron tower

Not a fan of sponge? What about a macaron birthday cake tower that holds up to 200 macarons and can be adjusted to any height you ask? You choose the design and color scheme of your cake with macaroons, and we provide a magnifique stand. Voilà!