Affordable cakes in New York

One of our specialties at CupCakery is making custom cakes. Having been in the baking business for 8 years, we’ve learned how to help our customers save money on wedding cakes successfully. So if you’re a budget-savvy customer who’s looking for a beautiful, delicious and reasonably priced cake, we’re here to help!

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We offer affordable cakes in New York for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events and seasonal celebrations… Created with the same all-natural, fresh ingredients and many of our premium flavors, these budget-friendly sweet treats are up for grabs in our smoothly-iced Swiss buttercream.

Cheap and good birthday cakes: where to get in NYC

Custom made birthday cakes can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands dollars. If you think that there is no sense in splurging on a birthday cake when it gets eaten and forgotten by the end of the party, we’re here to offer you some useful tips.

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affordable birthday cake
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How to get a great and affordable birthday cake in New York:

  • go with a bakery instead of a cake designer
  • choose an elegant and simple design
  • choose only one cake flavor
  • use a fake bottom tier
  • opt for buttercream instead of fondant
  • order well in advance to get an early bird discount
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cheap birthday cake
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Now that you know ‘how’ to get an inexpensive cake in New York, you might be interested in the ‘where’ question. It’s easy. CupCakery is the best place where you can get affordable desserts that look and taste great! You can browse our gallery or contact us now!

Inexpensive wedding cakes & cake toppers

We are happy to introduce a selection of affordable wedding cakes to you, our dear customers! The CupCakery Team creates inexpensive wedding cakes and custom cupcakes without compromising on great taste and excellent quality.

inexpensive wedding cakes
inexpensive wedding cake toppers
inexpensive birthday cakes in new york

You’re free to ask our designer to decorate them with your own fresh flowers or affordable toppers to match your unique wedding style. The color scheme can be easily adjusted to match your reception colors.

Flowers, satin ribbons, edible rhinestones, pillars and other elements to accent your dessert will be added for an additional cost. We look forward to creating the wedding treat of your dreams at an affordable price!