Skyline cakes to order online: NYC, London, Paris…

Although their design is not that difficult to create, skyline cakes look really impressive. If you’re looking for a custom made cake that would feature your favorite city’s silhouette, just contact us as soon as you can! At CupCakery we create some of the best looking skyline cakes in New York.

We make gorgeous skyline cakes for all occasions. Our customers fancy our:

Skyline wedding cakes: design ideas and decoration

If you need a skyline wedding cake, order one at our dessert studio. We offer our customers hundreds of adaptable skyline cake designs. Here are some of the most popular of them:

  • NYC skyline wedding cake
  • Chicago skyline wedding cake
  • London skyline wedding cake
  • Paris skyline wedding cake with Eiffel Tower in décor
  • Batman skyline wedding cake

Skyline cupcakes, cookies and macarons for sale

At CupCakery you can also buy online:

  • skyline cupcakes
  • skyline-inspired cake pops
  • skyline-themed cookies
  • skyline custom macarons

All our baked goodies are beautiful, delicious and 100% healthy. For more information on our cakes, service and prices, please get in touch with us in any way that’s comfortable for you!