Princess macarons for sale

Looking where to buy French macarons with princess-themed décor? Stop by CupCakery if you want to get some of the most amazing princess macarons in New York for your little girl! Our professional bakers design and hand-craft scrumptious confections for themed parties. At our specialty dessert shop you’ll find custom macarons in various designs and with versatile flavors.

Feel free to order custom macarons by phone or email. We are thrilled to get your orders with sketches. If you have your own ideas, just share them with our skilled pastry chefs who can create a setup of simple as well as sophisticated baked goodies. Below we’ve listed some of the princess macaron designs you can find at CupCakery:

  • Cinderella,  Jasmine,  Elza,  Belle, Mermaid, Snow White-inspired macarons
  • crown-shaped macarons
  • princess dress and princess shoe macarons
  • princess castle and knight macarons
  • princess carriage macarons
  • multicolor macarons with ruffles, sprinkles and gold monograms

If you order princess-themed macarons at CupCakery, we’ll go way above and beyond hand-crafting ambrosian and enticingly-looking confections for your event. We’re excited to offer you some of the most gorgeous and unique macaron gift boxes in NYC. Our bakers will add cute and tender toppers to your sweet setup of confections.

Along with birthday macarons, at CupCakery you can buy:

Need to buy princess macaroons right now? Visit our store and buy ready-to-go yummy delights. If you place your order in advance, order delivery as well!