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Beautiful princess-themed cake pops

Need a really special present for your little princess? Order our princess-themed cake pops for her. She will love their look and the taste!

Basketball-themed cookies

Creative, beautiful and invariably delicious… Our basketball-inspired cookies are perfect bite-sized treats for your themed celebration!

Birthday cake balls to compliment your dessert bar

Cake balls have swept the interned like a tidal wave over the last couple of years. They’re cute, delicious and easy to eat. Bite-sized bliss!

Chocolate marble cakes for all occasions

Buttery, chocolatey and so decadent… Our creative marble cakes are such an adorable combination of vanilla and chocolate batters swirled together for that marvelous marble effect…

Whoopie pies that will make you scream ‘Whoopie!!!’

Whether you need a unique (and uniquely delish!) dessert for a wedding dessert buffet or for a birthday party, you will love our whoopie pies. Schedule a tasting consultation ASAP!

Macaron bouquets: lovely gift idea

Looking to send a very important ‘Thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry’ message to someone? Opt for our macaron bouquets. They will say it for you in such a lovely and delish manner! Better than a thousand words…

Irresistible rum-flavored cakes

Lovely, ultra-moist and so delicious… Our rum cakes are perfect for your birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate celebrations and other special occasions…

Creative football-inspired cake pops

Looking for a personalized football-themed present? Send your love to that special football fan/player in your life with our fantastic football-inspired cake pops!

Thanksgiving-themed macarons

These cute macarons are sure to decorate your Thanksgiving dessert table. And they’re amazingly delicious too… Want to try? Get in touch with us now!

Decorated gingerbread cookies

Looking for bite sized custom made yummies? Our beautifully decorated and very delicious gingerbread cookies are sure to spice up your special celebration!

Mardi Gras King cakes

Mardi Gras isn’t complete without this lovely cake. It’s filled with cinnamon, sugar, pecans and sometimes even topped with a tiny plastic baby…

Angry Birds style cakes

Let our Angry Birds-inspired cake masterpieces catapult you into savoring some of the most delicious desserts in NYC! You will so totally love ‘em!

Opera cake for a memorable event

Soft layers of almond sponge cake, soaked in yummy espresso syrup, pillowy coffee buttercream, and rich chocolate ganache… Our Opera cake will make you want to sing…

Addictively delicious gingerbread cakes

Soft and spicy, flavored with ginger, molasses, cinnamon, honey and cloves… You will love your gingerbread cake if you order it from our pros! Make sure you serve it with fresh vanilla whipped cream or butter!

Football-themed macarons

Planning a themed dessert buffet for a football fan or a football player? Our football-themed macarons will make a perfect addition to your sweet table.

Cute Thanksgiving cake pops

Our Thanksgiving cake pops are such a hit! They come in many various designs and shapes, always creatively decorated and very yummy…

Basketball-themed macarons

Our basketball macarons will make the perfect present for a basketball fan. They’re creative, delicious and can be delivered to any location in New York…

Princess-themed macarons

We make beautiful treats for little princesses from all over New York… Our princess-themed macarons will make the perfect addition to your themed candy buffet…

Gourmet cakes to make your occasion special

We specialize in gourmet confections that look gorgeous and taste homemade. Expertly crafted with top notch ingredients, our luscious gourmet treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth…

Cake pop gift baskets

Cake pops are lovely and delicious. But customized cake pop gift baskets are perfect if you’re looking for a great (and inexpensive) birthday present idea. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you!

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